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  1. 360° Surround Cooling: This ensures maximum patient comfort while allowing high energy treatments with a low risk of epidermal injury.

  2. Dual Technologies: By combining both ultrasonic energy and radiofrequency, Opus offers versatility in addressing a variety of skin concerns with precision.

  3. Opus Plasma: Introducing the first fractional plasma technology to optimize skin rejuvenation and anti-aging with minimal downtime.

  4. Customizable Treatments: A broad range of settings ensures treatments are tailored to individual patient needs and desired outcomes.


  • Minimally Invasive: Experience transformative results without the need for extensive surgery or prolonged recovery times.

  • Swift & Efficient: Harnessing the power of its innovative technologies, Opus delivers quick treatments with instant visible results.

  • Safe for Various Skin Types: Designed with safety in mind, it's ideal for a diverse range of skin types and concerns.


  • Skin Resurfacing: Revitalize and smooth the skin's surface for a rejuvenated look.

  • Wrinkle Reduction: Target and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for youthful, vibrant skin.

  • Acne Scars & Texture Improvement: Treat and improve the appearance of acne scars and other textural skin concerns, resulting in smoother skin.

  • Skin Tightening: Boost collagen production and tighten sagging skin for a more contoured appearance.

Why Choose Alma Opus at Sculpting MD?

Our dedication at Sculpting MD is to offer our clients cutting-edge treatments that deliver exceptional results. With the Alma Opus platform, we further this commitment, ensuring each session is a testament to advanced aesthetics and patient satisfaction. Our team's expertise ensures you're in the best hands, promising a transformation that truly resonates.


Elevate your aesthetic journey with the prowess of Alma Opus at Sculpting MD. Secure your slot to radiant and rejuvenated skin today!

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